Naghshe Jahan Company

Naghshe Jahan Company has experience more than a quarter century in distribution and manufacture of plastics products & now is the most complete producers of yarn & plastic rope in Iran. This company has utilization license from Industry-Mine & Trade Ministry & it has membership in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, mining industry and trade of Iran youth, Distributors union of Isfahan plastic products, Brand commission of Isfahan chamber of commerce & information bank of country exporters.
During the activity period, company could increase the capacity of production from 120 Tons per year to more than 2600 tons in year & also diversity of products increased from 5 items to more than 50 items by employment of young & responsible staff, using new science & technologies, being committed to professional & ethical principles in sale & customer’s satisfaction, honesty & commitments.
Products of company include types of plastic ropes from2mm to 26mm, types of twisty yarns, gift yarns, biller, press & types of plastic net & hose. More than 70% of products are exported to the international markets, regional & target countries.
We are the first & the only producer of rope in Iran which is holder of ISO 9001 ,ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001  from  TUV NORD company in German & CE standard from Italy.